To read the full text of ‘One in Four Seniors Enrolled in Medicare Advantage Programs as Annual Election Period Techniques,’ go to the Healthcare Business Technique library on Mark Farrah Associates’ website.. 25 percent of most Medicare beneficiaries signed up for Medicare Advantage plans As the annual open up enrollment period approaches Medicare Advantage program enrollment continues to inch upwards, with 11 nearly. 8 million people enrolled as of August 2010, almost 25 percent of most Medicare beneficiaries.However, the study discovered that a surprising number of Afghan patients currently had MDR bacteria if they arrived at the hospital. Of the positive cultures taken from patients whose bacterias were considered community-acquired, a lot more than 58 % contained MDR bacterias. Of extra concern is that a lot of of the bacteria recovered from Afghan sufferers were ‘Gram negative,’ which are recognized to cause specifically hard-to-treat infections. As part of the mission in Afghanistan, U.S. Military hospitals often treat Afghan troops and local noncombatants who are injured in combat operations. Care is also provided to various other civilians as space and resources permit.