###About deCODEdeCODE is a biopharmaceutical company applying its discoveries in human genetics to the development of drugs and diagnostics for common diseases. DeCODE is a global leader in gene discovery – our population approach and resources have enabled us key genes contributing to major public health challenges from cardiovascular disease , which isolate us with drug targets the the basic biology of disease. DeCODE is also using its expertise in human genetics and integrated drug discovery and development capabilities to deliver innovative products and services in DNA diagnostics, bioinformatics, genotyping, Structural biology, drug discovery and clinical development to offer.

Led by David B. Head of the Department of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery in the Department of Urology, the new state-of-the – art facility at 625 Madison Avenue in New York City , specializes in pre-and post – surgery for patients, a robotic prostatectomy at Mount Sinai main Campus undergo. It also provides experience in the treatment of other urologic cancers, including bladder and kidney. The multilingual staff offers assistance with patient travel arrangements, accommodation and translation services if required.After their Louisiana Office of Public Health to provide smokers 25 per cent the population of the country. Sound charges with tobacco costs the States about $ 1460000000 per year, and of tobacco Taking it represents a fifth of mortality in the state.

Said Hines. This not a panacea , it is the first step when provided with a long term problem , this Act will not specific smokers, it targeting their children and grandchildren.

Walkers Hines, D – in New Orleans, he said proposed that House Bill two hundred forty for reduce the health charges for the government and prolong the lives of Louisiana of inhabitants.