In addition, code is nearly optimal for hosting informationscientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science report the discovery of two new properties of the genetic code medical article . Their work, which appears online in Genome Research, the genetic code – of organisms such as coral reef, termites and people use – nearly optimal for encoding signals of any length in parallel to sequences that code for proteins is. In addition, they report that the genetic code. As efficiently when the cellular machinery misses a beat during protein synthesis, immediately immediately before energy and resources are wasted organized Our results open the possibility that genes may be additional, currently unknown codes lead, says Dr. Uri Alon, principal investigator for the project. These findings indicate possible selection forces the the universal genetic code. .

Eye infections.utics Acquires U.S. License To New Treatment for Viral Eye Infection developSirion Therapeutics, an ophthalmic-focused biopharmaceutical company, announced today that it reached an exclusive licensing agreement with Laboratoires Thea of France for the U.S. Rights to develop and market a topical ophthalmic gel containing ganciclovir for the treatment of certain viral and superficial eye infections. The product is currently marketed by Thea in Europe under the brand name Virgan . ‘Looking forward to the U.S. Rights to this product to purchase,’said Roger Bird, Chief Medical Officer. ‘Topical ganciclovir has been available in Europe. For the treatment of viral infections of the eye for 10 years, this product has the potential to fill a significant unmet need in the current treatment options for viral eye infections. ‘.

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