We are delighted to offer our recommendations to Congress today, as they contain important components provide provide the best possible products for the animal, said Bernadette Dunham, director of the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine ed treatment options . IsADUFA recommendations include an end review amendment process, so the FDA at the end of a review, make a drug manufacturer to make corrections to an application , which work in a reduced time for testing. Furthermore, the proposal is to fund an information technology initiative that drive the review process towards an electronic environment, which essentially. Reducing the use of paper and the need for storage of paper documents The recommendations include a negotiated agreement with the Agency and industry public workshops public workshops over the next five years the the communication between regulators and industry. The reauthorization also allows for the increase of the current user fees in line with inflation.

For more information, visit here.Seattle Genetics will present preclinical data on its antibody-drug conjugate technology and SGN-33 Program at AACRSeattle Genetics announced data from multiple poster presentations at the 2008 annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research highlighting preclinical findings with its proprietary antibody-drug conjugate technology. Preclinical data on on SGN-33, a humanized antibody in clinical trials in clinical trials for acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndromes . These AACR presentations, continued progress with our ADC programs, as well as our commitment to remaining a leader in enhancing antibodies through ongoing research into future generations of ADC technology to further enhance the platform, said Clay B. Siegall, President and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. The promising clinical data we SGN-35 SGN-35 encourages us. In our enthusiasm for our preclinical pipeline of ADC product candidates, including SGN-75 and anti-CD19 ADC cells, therebyADCs are monoclonal antibodies linked cell-killing drug Seattle Genetics ‘ ADC technology uses synthetic, highly potent drugs, the monoclonal antibodies are bound by proprietary linker systems under The linkers are designed so that in the bloodstream stable, but at the drug payload. Specific conditions of release once inside target cells, thereby sparing non-target cells many of the toxic effects of traditional chemotherapy. Seattle Genetics ‘ lead ADC, is in phase I clinical trials for patients with Hodgkin lymphoma or other CD30-positive hematologic malignancies. The company plans to report phase I data, including multiple objective responses, at the American Society of Clinical Oncology in early June.

Concateno the 300 employees serve more than 8,000 customers worldwide, and the group will about eight million tests annually the integrated network of more than. Five hundred sampler officer, best-in – to-house in chain-of -custody procedures, supports clients around the world. Committed order the highest planes of accreditation and quality assurance, Concateno in the sector within the industry improve good practices. This includes ISO 17025 , ISO9001: 2000, Link-Up , and ISO13485: 2003. Moreover, the company is subject to various on external and internal programs to ensure quality.

Families, community care and mental health – a large and well established families division to accredited professionals.