About SRI InternationalSilicon Valley-based SRI International is one of the world leading independent research and technology development organizations. Of the Stanford University Stanford Research Institute was established in 1946 and in 1970 was independent, was the fulfillment of the strategic needs of clients and partners for more than 60 years treatments . Isest known for its invention of the computer mouse and interactive computing, has SRI also responsible for major advances in networking and communications solutions, robotics, drug discovery and development, advanced materials, atmospheric research, education research, economic development, national who security and more. The nonprofit institute performs sponsored research and development for government agencies, corporations and foundations. SRI also licenses its technologies, forms strategic alliances, and creates spin-off companies. In 2008, SRI ‘s consolidated revenues were, including the exclusively for charitable subsidiary Sarnoff Corporation, U.S. $ 490 million euro.

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