Another combined band of mice served as a control group, and corneal grafts had been rejected in 50 % of these; however, all of the grafts were rejected in mice with ocular ragweed allergy. The allergic mice also had a rejection rate as fast as the control group twice. Researchers then performed extra experiments to determine if the elevated graft rejection was just due to the inflammation and irritation in the eye made by the allergic response to ragweed pollen. In these experiments, ragweed pollen was put on the proper eyesight of the mice but the cornea was transplanted left eyesight, which was free of local allergic responses.Polyphenols make up a wide variety of plant compounds. One of them, Polygonnum cuspidatum can be used in a variety of traditional Asian medicines which are prescribed for center and liver conditions. Resveratrol activates the longevity gene . Harvard Medical School has done extensive analysis on Resveratrol and says that it is the largest medical discovery since antibiotics! 1) What Will Taking Resveratrol Do FOR ME PERSONALLY? Resveratrol has many results on the physical body. Vegetation create Resveratrol to greatly help protect from bad weather, disease, and poor developing conditions.