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Identification of biochemical mechanism for malaria.Researchers at the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet and the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control , the biochemical mechanism behind the adhesive protein identified to be particularly severe malaria in children The knowledge of how the malaria parasite makes blood vessels sticky paves the way for a future vaccine for the disease, which currently kills about 2 million people each year.

###The study is a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet, the Swedish Institute for Infectious Diseases, Makerere University and Medical Biotech Laboratories in Uganda, and has been for the Swedish Agency has been by the Swedish by the Swedish Research Council and the EU publication.Important SafetyCRESTOR is in patients with active liver disease and unexplained persistent elevations levels of serum transaminases contraindicated in women who is or may become pregnant, and in nursing mothers. We recommend liver function prior and 12 weeks after well initiating treatment and all elevation of the dosage, and on a regular basis thereafter be carried out. Rare cases of rhabdomyolysis have with acute kidney failure myoglobinuria been reported with CRESTOR and other drugs in this class. Which 40-mg dose of CRESTOR is only be of your not achieved their LDL-C goal using dose of 20 mg CRESTOR once daily reserved. In initiating statin therapy and replacing another statin therapy, the appropriate CRESTOR initial dosage was may be used first, and only then titrate according to the patient’s individual goals of therapy.

Add ORION, 35 were to patients with moderate hypercholesterolaemia and established common carotid atherosclerotic either by CRESTOR handled 5mg or 40 mg for two years. The lessons learned from ORION revealed that CRESTOR is 5 mg of to 40 mg LDL-C from from baseline been reduced by 39 %age and 58 are %, respectively and aggressive lipid targets, a 20 – mg starting dose is be taken into consideration. ASTRA ZENECA licensor global rights to CRESTOR is from Japanese pharmaceutical firm Shionogi & Co.