Montefiore treats all major illnesses and has distinguished centers of excellence in cardiology and cardiac surgery, cancer care, tissue and organ transplantation, children’s health, women’s health, surgery and the surgical specialties. Montefiore Medical Center focuses on family oriented health care in a nurturing environment beyond the far beyond the hospital and outpatient.

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Elderly patients physicians to care for the elderlyMontefiore and Einstein get $ 2-million grant from Donald W. Reynolds FoundationA $ 2 – million – dollar grant to Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University has been awarded and Montefiore Medical Center , develop a program to train physicians to care for the elderly.In the past, the NIPC has been focused on prevention for children. This new report from suggests that it is no longer sufficient. More than 1 million adults had been snorting? Last year, according to SAMHSA? s newly publishes? Dates Spotlight study, based upon information from the treatment of in the country. The frequency of mail and calls on out our toll-free number of needy people assistance for husband, older siblings and friend, their parents and even grandparents? Harvey said Weiss, Managing Director to the NIPC, has us to understand that man in hazardous at risk and can help to this problem need.

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