The proposed research project will evaluate the DNA from these lesions to identify the genes which may be responsible for metastatic behavior of the tumors, and to compare those to mutations present in individual DTC tumor samples. Laura Boucai, MD, Assistant Professor of Medication, Endocrinology Support, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Middle, New York, NY, received a ‘Bite Me Cancer’ analysis grant to support her task entitled ‘Evaluation of a Gene Expression Classifier Derived from The Cancers Genome Atlas Analysis to Predict Clinical Behavior of BRAF-Mutant Thyroid Carcinomas.’ BRAFV600E mutations play a significant function in driving the advancement of most situations of papillary thyroid tumor , but BRAF-mutant PTCs are heterogeneous, and there are subpopulations of tumors with different biological features.This bill, however, keeps poorer Oklahomans to a different standard than everybody else, and I cannot support that. Henry in a statement said, That is a very difficult and very emotional issue, and I know each senator do what she or he believes is best for the condition of Oklahoma. Henry added, Nobody makes decisions of the nature lightly, but given the flaws in the legislation, I believe there is really no other plan of action . Texas: The Senate on Thursday passed a costs that could require abortion providers to fill out forms that consist of information regarding the physician, the individual and the task, the Houston Chronicle reviews . The measure would require physicians to determine if females seeking abortions are being coerced into having the methods, and, if appropriate, the doctor would need to provide information on women’s shelters.