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When the ferrets were in close contact with each other, they were exposed to enough virus particles that infection spread easily. However, when , and the virus kept separate, and the virus could only be distributed on air droplets spread , the disease is much less effective.

Caused in the new Science paper, Sasisekharan, Tumpey and colleagues the new H1N1 strain to several seasonal flu strains, including some milder H1N1 strains, and the virus, of the 1918 flu pandemic compared. They found that the new strain in the, in the position, on the predominant receptors in the human respiratory tract protein. Umbrella-shaped alpha 2-6 glycan receptors to bind known.. The researchers also found that the new H1N1 strain distributed inefficiently in ferrets, which accurately mimics human influenza disease including how it spreads or transmits in humans.‘To our knowledge is the first study investigating the link between MAO-A and COMT polymorphism and response to placebo with people who is depression disorder major depressive disorder to analyze,’he said.

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