A novel carbohydrate microarray the team the precise the precise sugars to which the parasite protein binds http://silagracipla.net/reviews . This means thatthe team is used a combination of NMR spectroscopy and cellular studies to and interactions and interactions of the parasite and host cell protein sugar. This means that the team. A clearer picture than ever before, just as the parasite recognizes and attacks host cells in the body – Professor Steve Matthews from Imperial College London, Department of Molecular Biosciences, one of the authors of the paper explains the significance of the research, said: Understanding the basic, atomic level detail, how to pick out diseases such as toxoplasmosis and invade host cells in the human body is vital if we are to effectively .

Now researchers from London and Geneva have determined for the first time, just as the atomic structure of an important protein on the surface on the surface of the parasite before it penetrates host cells in the human body. They found that the protein known as TgMIC1, certain sugar binds to the surface the host cell to keep the support of the parasites, and then enter the human cell.

An experimental drug this progression of prostate cancer an animal model blocks with an aggressive form of the disease, as new research shows.

For more information, please contact the MS Society in the Slovak RepublicEuropean Multiple Scleroris Platform being EMSP missionary. – Exchange and dissemination of information related to multiple sclerosis, taking account of all related issues for people involved from MS – the research of all kinds, participation in society on multiple sclerosis promote by recognized medical devices and other to facilitate the development to promote the development accede action plans with the participation from the national MS societies in Europe, aimed at strengthening of the quality of their activities and services, – which as the focal point for collaboration with institutions of European Union to act in the euro and Council. Other European organizations, for study and propose measures autonomous autonomy of disabled and full participation in society.