This is based on a comprehensive and thorough review of the current status of nanobiotechnology, research work in progress and anticipated progress. There is concrete evidence of large growth of the market, but it will be uneven and steady growth applied as a steady growth curve. The largest expansion expected between the years 2013 and 2015.

Some of the earliest applications in molecular diagnostics nanoparticles, particularly quantum dots, play an important role in vitro diagnostics, has none of the joined safety concerns associated with the fate of nanoparticles introduced into the human body.. An increasing use of nanobiotechnology in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is expected to to be nanotechnology. Applied at all stages of drug development – from formulations for optimal delivery to diagnostic applications in clinical trials.

Marketing estimates are according to application areas, technologies and geographical distribution of 115 of 115 companies from more than 500 involved in this area are included in the last chapter along with their co .

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