The collect message, she added, is that women with a family group history of breasts and/or ovarian tumor should talk with a genetic counselor to possess their risk assessed, consider genetic tests, and take suitable precautions.. Access to genetic testing and counseling are a significant part of malignancy control Ten years following the identification of the 1st breast cancer susceptibility genes so few high-risk minority women have received genetic counseling or testing that the standard ways of calculating risk have not been validated in these groups and the results of genetic testing can even now produce surprises. They found also, however, that the spectral range of mutations that take place in African Americans is vastly different. Usage of genetic counseling and tests are an important part of malignancy control, stated Olufunmilayo Olopade, M.D., professor of director and medicine of the Tumor Risk Clinic at the University of Chicago Hospitals, but in this fast-moving region of medicine some ethnic minorities are being left behind.On the subject of 42 % of men and about 19 % of females reported a history of either alcohol abuse or alcoholism during their lives. Whites and Native Americans were much more likely than other ethnic groups to report drinking problems. Alcohol abuse was defined as drinking-related failure to fulfill major obligations at the job, school or home; social or legal problems; and drinking in hazardous situations. Alcoholism was characterized by compulsive drinking; preoccupation with consuming; and tolerance to withdrawal or alcohol symptoms. The definitions were predicated on the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual. Treatment, in the study’s definition, could have been by a health care provider or another doctor, in a 12-step program, at an emergency center or through an employee-assistance program.