Goji Berries These scarlet berries offer more advantage than one. From recovery ailing center to improving poor eyesight, they serve many medicinal purposes. Prior to going forward and infuse the goodness of the wild berries in what you eat, check if indeed they have any undesireable effects. Chinese herbs are great, no doubt, but even natural remedies at times have unwanted side effects. And if you are already on medications, it will pay to inquire together with your doctor first. You do not want them both interacting with each other. Lotus Seed The herb tones spleen and kidney, which in turn treats diarrhea. Not just that, it also help improve your appetite. You can either brew the herb in tea or have it raw. There sweet-neutral flavor makes it easy for direct consumption. Apricot Seeds Next time when wheezing cough makes it impossible that you should sleep, try this natural tonic manufactured from apricot seeds.– Benefits your digestive system. – Promotes emotional balance. C. Tips for Newbies: – You can also hold each position, instead of moving back and forth between them. Summary of Beginner’s Yoga Poses: I am sure once you start your yoga practice you’ll be hooked. The best thing about yoga exercises is that you could practice it all your life, and it is never too late to start. The most important advise I give to newbies is to go gradual with their practice. Yoga exercise functions on many different levels of your getting, and increases your energy quite significantly, so you desire to develop the body to be able to handle all of this extra energy that is going to be unleashed by yoga.