They discovered that both six year excess weight gain and the incidence of obesity were lower among ladies who got high urbanicity scores when compared with those with low scores. Females who lived in rural or suburban neighborhoods were considered to have low urbanicity ratings. According to the researchers, a earlier study of these women, found those that resided in denser neighborhoods walked more than women in more sprawling areas.Testosterone and Estradiol Measurements The serum level of total testosterone was measured by means of a solid-phase chemiluminescent immunoassay with the use of an automated analyzer . The assay sensitivity was 20 ng per deciliter.9 The correlation between your testosterone assays was 0.93, and the assays had very similar outcomes .25 pg per milliliter.9 Assessments and Outcomes The principal outcome variables were changes in the DXA-based measures of body lean and fat mass. The %age of surplus fat and the total-body lean mass were determined by means of DXA .10 Subcutaneous – and intraabdominal-body fat areas were determined by means of CT at the L4 vertebral level with a LightSpeed Pro 16 scanner .11 Cross-sectional thigh-muscle area was determined at the midpoint of the femur.12 Lower-extremity power was assessed as the utmost weight lifted for just one repetition by using a leg press .13 Sexual function, physical function, vitality, and general health status were assessed at every visit with the use of a self-administered questionnaire in health-related quality of life that once was validated in patients with prostate cancer who were undergoing androgen-deprivation therapy.14 Sexual function was split into domains of sexual desire and erectile function.