QRxPharma Initiates Comparative Phase 2 Proof-of – Concept Study for MoxDuo IV PainQRxPharma Limited announced the initiation of a Phase 2 comparative proof-of-concept study for review. Efficacy and safety of MoxDuo IV versus IV morphine alone for the treatment of moderate to severe post-operative pain in patients following hip replacement surgery The data from this study significant predictor of significant predictor of MoxDuo IV clinical benefits and guidance for the design of further clinical trials, the submission of an NDA to the U.S.

Kerstin Dehne, Leon van Kempen presented written Mikala Egeblad, Nesrine I. Ileana Cuevas, Jane meadows, Simon Junankar, Lidiya Koretz, Jake Lee, Jennifer Shen, Zena Werb, Nancy Boudreau and Lisa M. Coussens, University of California, San Francisco, in partnership with Charlotte J. Is the study of issue 5/6 of Volume 3 of the journal – Morrison, Christopher M. Overall of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, and Stephen M. Krane of Harvard University. Disease Models & Mechanisms , by the company biologist, a nonprofit in Cambridge, United Kingdom released.

After hip surgery, the absence 40 subjects to MoxDuo IV or morphine IV groups over a two-part, 48-hour treatment period. In Part 1 dose dose will be used by the physician to achieve a maximum reduction of the pain.Follow up benefit by Cancellous Metal Technology Emphasized in Comparative Study.

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Improved able to transfer physiological stresses.. Source: Zimmer Holdings, Inc.Zimmer Holdings today announced that data of a comparative clinical study from researchers at the Mayo Clinic done and of Joint Replacement Surgical of Indianapolis Research Foundation describes low stiffness and has an osteoconductive effect Trabecular Metal Technology rooms.

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