The study of rare cancers, such as low-grade serous carcinoma of the ovary, brings inherent challenges, including the limited number of cases to examine the difficulties in obtaining tissue samples, low funding and the small pool of investigators working research, according to Gershenson.

Gershenson said that is separate to the design of clinical studies of patients of the key. ‘In addition to providing direct benefits to patients and their families, the study of rare tumors also cover information on the etiology, biology, and treatment of common cancers. ‘... But, David Goodman, indicating and general medicine at the Dartmouth Medical School, said: The call for more medical, such as prescribing more drug, for already overmedicated patients is makes everything worse. He said: We already have a crisis in in Medicare , we know we no know how to pay for future Medicare costs at the time, and no one has become to the implication of the addition of large number of doctors. Added and added, fees ‘ fees are expensive, but soon as they at the medical marketplace, no one has the cost of decisions it estimate to order testing, prescribe medication, it really control health care costs in the U.S.

Population into health care costs, well as expenses for Medicare, according to scientists from Dartmouth Medical School, the Washington Times reports.

The Association of American Medical Colleges recommends that you increase up to 2015 their medicine schools registration by 30 percent or 5,000 students annually. The Council considers on the Graduate Medical Education, the category of 17,800 students who inscribed to medical schools in 2007, the largest in U.S. History and provides a 2.3 percent increase over 2006. AAMC President Jordan Cohen told: ‘Since the level of long will it take to educate and workout morning doctor efforts to efforts to Enrolment have to the path as rapidly as possible to ensure that healthcare nation need the year 2015 and thereafter beyond fulfilled.