Our community must consider these problems if we are likely to offer up thousands of gay men because of this totally misguided experiment. Please halt any further pursuit of FDA authorization for Truvada as PrEP until further research is completed. Sincerely, __________________________________________________________________________________________ Individually, during the recent Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections , a widely followed medical conference attended by many HIV/HIDS medical scientists and providers, Bloomberg News released a news article headlined, Gilead’s $35 HIV Prevention Pill Fails to Get Doctor Support.In every patients with breast cancer, the myRisk Hereditary Cancers test recognized 100.8 % more mutations than BRCA1/2 testing alone. The increase in mutations recognized in sufferers with TNBC was 43.7 % and 121.8 % in individuals with other types of breast cancer. TNBC mutation carriers were discovered to get a higher occurrence of BRCA1 mutations than patients with other breast cancers . Additionally, BARD1, RAD51C and PALB2 were a lot more prevalent in individuals with TNBC compared to other styles of breast cancer, while ATM and CHEK2 were less prevalent significantly. These data provide insight in to the diversity and prevalence of deleterious mutations that may get the advancement of TNBC, and highlight the need for a 25-gene panel versus BRCA1/2 testing alone, which may allow affected patients to receive more appropriate and tailored medical management.