Specialization area: Identify a portion of the population you are likely to serve like athletes, senior citizens, women, physically disabled, pregnant women, working professionals etc. Make sure you choose an certain area of specialization depending on your skills and knowledge. This can help you in proper program implementation and designing and invite you to provide services that others cannot. With specialization you additionally have the benefit of focusing your efforts to remain up-to-date with any developments that happen in your town of specialization.If accepted, AG200-15 would be the first contraceptive patch predicated on a low dosage of estrogen ) in conjunction with levonorgestrel. AG1000 is a levonorgestrel-only patch intended for women who are breastfeeding or cannot make use of estrogen-structured contraceptives. Agile’s patches are being developed to provide women with a practical and easy-to-use option to their current means of contraception. Thomas M. Rossi, Ph.D., Agile’s President and CEO, commented, ‘This round of financing allows us to achieve NDA approval on our business lead asset AG200-15, also to advance AG1000 into late stage advancement. We are very very happy to welcome representatives from prominent brand-new investors to our panel of directors and appreciate the continued strong support from our earlier investors.