Case presentation A 62-year-old man presented with a longstanding pigmented macule on his best upper cheek Pastillas para ed . The lesion was initially observed five years previously and the individual reported that it acquired grown slowly from that point. The individual had worked for many years as a bricklayer, putting on no shirt and just a peaked cap as sun protection throughout summer season. He had no personal or genealogy of melanoma. On examination, an irregular and asymmetrical brown-black macule was visible that measured 13 x 12 mm in diameter approximately.

He was normally well and was acquiring no topical, systemic or ocular medications. Questioning revealed a history of childhood asthma and mild eczema Further. He had no known allergies. He also had a mature sister who experienced from severe eczema and asthma and acquired created a cataract at 18 years.. A kid with itchy eyes Itchy eyes is the many common presentation of atopic allergic eye disease in children, with serious cases resulting in corneal scarring and reduced vision. Referral to an ophthalmologist is normally indicated if common treatments cannot control the disease process.