Ground level ozonethat smog Might Cell Death Trigger In The Heart: New Studyprovides an early study in rats, the first indication that a major component of smog could cell death in the heart, researchers reported on Basic Cardiovascular the American Heart Sciences Association 2013 Scientific Sessions – technological and Conceptual advances in cardiovascular disease.

‘.. The study showed that the exposure to ground-level ozone over several weeks increased the activity of a substance that triggers cell death in the heart.Ozone is a highly reactive gas composed of three oxygen molecules. In the upper atmosphere, it protects Earth from the sun. However, O3 is a major component of smog, if it is near the Earth by reactions between sunlight, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons formed from fossil fuels and industrial processes. – ‘Several epidemiological studies have air pollution on the development of cardiovascular disease – related, 56 days, air pollution hundreds of chemicals and those studies could disentangle the effects of individual components, ‘said Rajat Sethi, an assistant professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Texas A & M Health Science Center Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy in Kingsville, ‘study looked study looked for direct evidence of the role of ozone alone in cardiac dysfunction by creating a controlled environment.Based PROVE 1 trial is complete received and finished. PROVE 2 clinical trial is ongoing European and is expected to application to about 320 patients who have next couple of weeks next few weeks. Well in the coming weeks proving Vertex expect of a clinical a clinical trial of of telaprevir, over 400 more than 400 treatment-experienced patients. In clinical trials, telaprevir is exceeding 750 mg every eight hours in combination with pegylated interferon alfa-2a ), with and dispensed without ribavirin ). Progress report to security and an antiviral results of.. About Telaprevir telaprevir being an investigational oral inhibitor of HCV protease , an enzyme responsible for viral replication , and is one of the most advanced investigational agents in the development of specifically for HCV.

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