The event was part of Black History Month, a celebration of black history and culture, and was a good opportunity for the people of the region to learn more about diabetes and its complications.

A small amount of C-11 choline, a radioactive form of the vitamin choline. Clinicians then use a scanner and computer to get detailed pictures of areas in which the C – choline choline collects do Since cancer cells require more C-11 choline than normal cells, the pictures in the treatment of cancer in the body can obtain.. A study has found that C-11 choline PET / CT scans can be used as a staging tool rather than multiple x – rays, but is not necessarily better. This findings are important because localized localized recurrence of systemic recurrence is an important step in the optimization of the treatment after primary treatment failure.

Positron emission tomography is an imaging test that to show a small amount of radioactive material, tissues and organs tissues and organs using A C-11 choline PET scan involves the injection into a vein.Influenzae to childhood vaccination schemes the African countries may substantially. : 10 the survival of children having sickle cell disease. ‘.. Statement The authors: ‘More than 10 percent out of episodes of pneumococcal bacteremia occurred our study in children with sickle cell anemia, of which three quarters of the serotypes that have goods represented represented in the licensed ten – pneumococcal conjugate vaccine Though which of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in routine operation vaccination schedules African from benefit for all, is likely to be especially useful children with sickle cell ‘.

In a related commentary, Dr. Jane Hankins and Dr. Russell E product, Jew Children ‘s Research Hospital Memphis, Comments: ‘Whether in America, European and Africa, sickle cell anemia misery affliction that affects millions of men, but the lessons are clear. The key to reducing the morbidity and mortality rates include early diagnosis by screening, early antibiotics prophylaxis, education about disease complication and appropriate inoculations combating bacterial pathogens, particularly S pneumoniae. In If the implemented introduced into preventing, us take significant steps towards a pound of improvement of and eventual curing. ‘.