Source Entest BioMedical Inc.Exploring health effects of microorganisms within the human body in New Microbiome Analysis Mason CenterThe human body contains billions of microorganisms. Microbial cells in the human gut are estimated to outnumber human cells by twelve fifty in healthy adults, according to the National Institutes of Health , but very little about the ways in which these minute life forms influence health and illness known.

is a biotechnology research and development company based in San Diego, California. With a 15,000 sq ft facility two secure two secure cryogenic stem cell banks, three research laboratories, aseptic cellular / tissue class 10,000 / 100 development laboratory, hematology, microbiology and flow cytometry laboratories.

Gillevet who has studied, developed the genes of microbes at Mason since 1998 and patented a technology for sequencing in 2006 called multitag Pyrosequencing , which allows to study researchers, will count and barcode hundreds of thousands of microorganisms per day in samples various ecological various ecological systems including the human body MTPS serve as the backbone of the Centre’s research efforts.A enormously important application is the DNA sequencer , discovering the sequence four bases of DNA, that fundamental completely step for genetic research. This is almost a ‘bonus’ applications, a lucky side effect of of drive operational.

It works in both directions. – ‘The light switch is, the button which makes a retractable stylus, all these drives can be, and the development of a molecular switch we have a little drive, which could also be used in the an equal number of Application Details made,’The potential applications Firman.. The system could used to develop molecular circuits or actually molecular level mechanical devices. The potential applications difficult to predict only by the imagination only by the imagination of the explorer, is the versatility of drive on this scale. – as a communicator as a communicator between biological and of silicon environments I could see it that interfaces among muscle and an external device, by the use of ATP, within the human Implantate Such application is still 20 and 30 year remove away, says Firman It is very exciting and now we are a patent for the basic concepts the application.