For most kids, AN will require no treatment at all; for a few, the dark skin will eventually fade on its own. For cases of AN where an underlying cause is identified, treating the cause could make the dark patches of skin fade or disappear entirely. This may mean ceasing any medications that could be causing the nagging problem or treating any health issues. For most kids, the best treatment for AN is to keep a wholesome weight and get a lot of exercise. Encourage your child to eat a good diet and make healthy lifestyle choices. Many studies show that eating well and exercising might help lessen, and in some cases prevent or reverse, AN. COPING WITH Acanthosis Nigricans Because AN could be highly visible and hard to cover up — if it occurs on the neck or hands &mdash especially; it can be both embarrassing and scary.Few people can see right now a world without fossil fuels; with out a working power grid; with out a 911 crisis responder system that functions; without inexpensive and easy food appearing on food markets shelves magically, etc. And so the citizens of the globe will greedily drink down the last drop of drinking water remaining. They shall fill their fuel tanks with the last gallon of gas; clear-slice the last remaining forest; fish the oceans into mass marine extinction; mine the last remaining rare earth elements out of the surface; and dam up the last free-flowing river on the planet. The appetite of Earthlings for instant satiation and quick-turnaround income can only just lead to self-destruction. Have no illusions that if oxygen in the atmosphere could be turned into solid gold, people just about everywhere around the world will be incessantly mining the atmosphere for income before entire global population died of asphyxiation.