Since the program started in 1995, Beeson Scholars more than $ 86 million received in research grants and have their brand with innovative research of the effects of depression in the elderly health effects, the connection between a certain type of cataract and Alzheimer’s up to the development new animal models to investigate the genetic basis of aging, to 2015. End-of – life care to underserved population aging.

Hartford Foundation. The Beeson program clearly addresses these needs by providing an excellent network of leading scientists in the country, help the company to many research and clinical challenges of geriatric medicine in attack. Challenges the even more urgent in the future we will become happy the renew our support for the Beeson program and welcome our new partner, the National Institute of Mental Health. .. The Paul B. Beeson Career Development Awards in aging Research Program is from the NIA, and far.antic Philanthropies, The John A. Hartford Foundation, The National Institute of Mental Health, The Starr Foundation and sponsored by an anonymous donor, and is be administered by the NIA and far. The program is in honor of the late Paul B. Was professor emeritus of medicine at the University of Washington, and his vision was to number of doctors number of physicians with a combined clinical, academic and scientific expertise worry nominated for a growing elderly population.

Investigate this years scholarship a wide range of a wide range of issues such as benefits and burdens of mammography screening among very old women, the challenges of access to kidney transplantation in elderly patients and to determine the role of oxidative damage in the pathogenesis and progression of muscle wasting and wasting, a common age-related condition.– ‘In the biggest twin study far, we confirmed pre – heritability for OD are high and the identical genetic factor influence to either Males and females are, ‘the authors write. ‘However, nongenetic risk factors also plays an important roller and could be the focusing on operations minimize to be risk of ill health and delayed onset of the disease. ‘. ####(Acta Psychiatr Scand 2006; 63: 168-174 available pre – embargoes Material.. Margaret Gatz, University of Southern California, Of Los Angeles, and colleagues investigated 11th , we confirmed twins studies from Swedish Twin Registry order to examine the relationship between genetic and environmental influences and OD.

In a large study of twins, Alzheimer’s disease appears largely congenital and genetic factors also influence timing disease, for an article published in the February British Journal of Psychiatry, one of the JAMA / Archives journals.