Furthermore, the measure addresses the core principles of wellness reform outlined by APHA: expanding access to health insurance insurance coverage, reducing cost, improving quality and moving toward something that promotes avoidance and wellness. In particular, the bill includes strong public health prevention actions. We anticipate working with both Home and Senate as the bill goes to conference to boost the measure by obtaining the strongest legislation feasible that protects and enhances the public’s wellness, improves quality and wellness collateral, and addresses the fiscal barriers to quality healthcare, said Benjamin..PICTURES: 21 most shocking medical scans Dr. Gustavo Hernandez says the kid from the northern condition of Durango was born with a lump that eventually covered the right part of his body from his armpit to his hip. Hernandez says it took doctors at the La Raza INFIRMARY in Mexico City 10 hours to eliminate the tumor on June 14. Hernandez may be the director of pediatrics at La Raza hospital. He says the boy is recovering and successful.