Two Tampa, Fla., women became very ill last month allegedly after an acquaintance they believed the product to be improving a homemade combination of commercial silicone gel and saline, seemingly to the appearance of their injected injected according to the police. ‘There were deaths in Florida for commercial silicone injection into blood vessels of large amounts of[ this] product. ‘.

Belnavis told ABC News affiliate WFTS that her daughter paid $ 500 for the injections.On Wednesday, Belnavis Lee showed signs of improvement. ‘It is gradually recovering,’she said. ‘She is on dialysis, and we do not know. Whether permanently or temporarily ‘.

Meanwhilet-Boosting Shots Send Women’s HospitalMeanwhile, Andrea Lee, 30, and Zakiya Teagle Carswell, both remain in hospital in Tampa Town and Country Hospital after suffering severe reaction to the shots she received at the hands of Lindsay 29th Police declined to reveal which of the women received the greater number of injections.Next month will together with with Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals in order free consultations in seven cities, including Shanghai to start, the know about lung cancer, also promote opportunities for quit smoking or information about new drugs for treating lung.

Such treatments can be recommended by the World Health Organisation.. Association, said Campaign highlights the danger of smokingStart the world Lung Cancer Awareness Month November, clinical experts warns in that 87 % of the of lung from lung cancer either smoking or suffer from exposed to tobacco smoke.

Is to forbid Increased public awareness via the dangers of smoking, to public support up smoking in public spaces and new medications effective in the preventing and monitoring lung cancer, said to the federation.

Experts said, Smoking is the key step to check lung cancer. Dan Dan, director of in Beijing Respiratory Disease Research Institute outbreak agency said: Smoking is not a long-term smoking addiction and 90 and 95 % the smokers quit smoking unless they to get professional help the proper instruction of doctors and effective drug such as nicotinic.