Researchers reviewed 13,769 cases of SCA occurring outside of hospitals in multiple locations in the U.S . And Canada. An AED was before the arrival of emergency medical services personnel used in 2.1 % of cases. Survival of the whole group was 7 %, compared to 24 % when an AED EMS EMS arrival, and 38 % when an AED shock was delivered before EMS arrival. Using an AED before EMS arrival increased the chances of survival by 80 %. – This is the first time a broad population was studied in this country, said lead investigator, Myron Weis Feldt, Director, Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. This study shows in a dramatic way, Sixth grader AEDs bystanders is a very potent indicator of survival. .

About the Sudden Cardiac Arrest FoundationThe Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is a national non-profit 501 3 organization is your job. Is saved as an information clearinghouse and social marketing force on the public awareness of sudden cardiac arrest, and stimulating attitudinal and behavioral changes that will help more lives are focused.

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