Dealing with Breslin, she next discovered that high concentrations of saccharin inhibit the sweetness of any other sweetener tasted at the same time. Testing a number of compounds, the researchers found that any sweetener that elicits nice ‘water taste’ also acts as a sweet flavor inhibitor. To comprehend how nice ‘water taste’ substances could work both as a sweetener and as a sweet inhibitor, collaborators Marcel Winnig, Bernd Bufe, and Wolfgang Meyerhof of the German Institute of Human Nutrition conducted a number of molecular research using cultured cells expressing the human being sweet taste receptor.Cosegregation analysis was appropriate for autosomal recessive inheritance in all families. In Patient 8.1, only 1 pathogenic mutation was identified, which raised the possibility of a second pathogenic mutation outside the coding region or a heterozygous deletion that was not detected by sequence evaluation. Besides different missense mutations, we identified 1 premature stop mutation along with two frameshift mutations leading to truncated CYP24A1 proteins. Furthermore, we identified an in-framework deletion of E143. All mutations had been eliminated in at least 204 control alleles.