Theoretically, if available remedies had the capability to stop or reduce this excessive immuno-inflammatory cascade of reactions, it would provide some security against the disruption of the endothelium and the coagulation abnormality caused by the Ebola virus; therefore, it would reduce the death rate likely, noted researchers at the University of Texas Wellness Science Center at San Antonio and the Gulhane Medical College in Ankara, Turkey. The united team believes that melatonin could end this sequence, thereby helping keep up with the stability of arteries.In the recent past, millions of people around the world have used spirulina as a food supplement with their diets based on recommendations of the US and the World Health Organization. Spirulina was chosen by NASA to enrich the diet programs of astronauts on space missions. Spirulina is certainly sustainable meals, offering more nourishment per acre than any various other food. With the ability to provide 20 instances more complete protein per acre than soybeans, and 200 times even more per acre than beef. It includes the eight essential proteins along with ten nonessential amino acids, making it a fantastic choice for anybody not consuming animal protein.