20, 2012 – Actavis, which includes U.S. Headquarters in Morristown, NJ and was recently acquired by Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has donated $200,000 worth of medicines to help Hurricane Sandy victims in New New and York Jersey. AmeriCares shipped antibiotics, pediatric medications and other Actavis items to healthcare providers assisting families impacted by the storm within times of the disaster. Actavis responded and generously to meet the medical needs of storm victims swiftly, stated Geoff Kneisel, AmeriCares vice president of corporate relations. The firm’s donations were an incredible help, and were immediately delivered to healthcare providers and first responders in the most devastated areas.There is absolutely no current treatment to avoid heart failure in people who carry the mutated gene. However, a heart-healthy diet and exercise can delay the starting point of heart failure, and heart failure medications can manage symptoms. Sadayappan stated stem cell therapy could be a feasible treatment. Stem cells will be taken from a patient’s center, genetically engineered to displace the mutated gene with a healthy gene, and after that injected back the patient’s heart. But such stem cell therapy has not been tested.