The lawsuit was filed under the provisions of the Hatch-Waxman Act, resulting in a stay of finalFDAapproval ofAllergan'sANDA for 30 months from the date the plaintiffs received see ofAllergan'sANDA filing or until final resolution of the matter prior to the courtroom, whichever occurs sooner, subject to any other exclusivities. Predicated on available information,Allerganbelieves it might be a ‘1st applicant’ to document an ANDA for the generic edition of Noxafil®and, should its ANDA be approved, may be entitled to 180 days of generic market exclusivity.One such enzyme is normally catalase, which transforms oxygen and water into hydrogen peroxide, and vice versa. He goes on to say, high doses of ascorbic acid bring about the production of peroxides in and around cells. Healthy cells utilize the hydrogen peroxide for several metabolic requires and the excess is converted into water and oxygen . Since cancers cells have very little catalase, they cannot convert the hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water and therefore are oxidized and killed.