ALDA Consumers and Pharmaceuticals Medication Mart sign distribution agreement ALDA Pharmaceuticals Corp. Dr. Terrance Owen, President & CEO, says: ‘This contract provides ALDA with widespread nationwide distribution of our products to consumers for the very first time.’.Home starts and ends with the audio of breathing as a mass of dancers seethe at the center of the stage. Among, the hiphop choreography is frequently defiant and at times filled up with sadness and isolation. Like the whole stories which inspired it, Home is a celebration of life in the real encounter of stigma and disease. Prior to the premiere, Robert Battle, current artistic director of the dance company, said a few words to the audience about the importance of the collaboration. Top picture: Portrait of Alvin Ailey by Carl Van Vechten from Wikimedia Commons Bottom image: Cast of House thanks to Alvin Ailey Dance Company.

Acorda Therapeutics reviews positive data from dalfampridine-ER post-stroke deficits trial Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.