Roy Patterson Professor of chief and Medication of pulmonary and vital care medicine at the Feinberg College of Medicine, may be the principal investigator and head of one of the five studies and an administrative and a cell culture and physiology primary that define the PPG. The alveolar epithelium is a layer of plate-like cells that line the atmosphere sacs in the lung where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged between alveolar atmosphere and pulmonary capillary blood. As such, restoration of the alveolar epithelial cellular barrier is crucial for recovery from lung damage and normal inhaling and exhaling, Sznajder said. THIS PROGRAM Task consists a multidisciplinary group of researchers who designed experiments to develop new strategies to expand understanding of the mechanisms mediating epithelial lung damage, particularly the mechanisms by which cells sense and respond to injurious stimuli, such as hypoxia , shear, stretch and hyperoxia .It identifies blood pushing next to the walls of the arteries with constantly high power. BP that rise beyond normal levels and remains high can result in severe health troubles like heart failure, kidney failure, heart stroke and attack. High blood pressure is normally describes as a reading over 140/90 mm Hg. In BP measurement the top figure known as as the systolic drive which represents the pressure within the veins when the center strikes as pumping blood. The next figure is named as diastolic forces which characterize the pressure in the arteries when the heart unwinds among strikes and fills with blood. According to the current study, high blood pressure is definitely most familiar factors of cardiovascular disease which influence one out of three adults.