‘Our transgenic mouse, a new tool for the visualization in living brain tissue, a single neuron , which was in response to an animal experience can be activated ‘Barth said.

In contrast to the present invention is 25 008 peptide CGEN CGEN-50001, an existing drug in Europe for central nervous system is used. Cancer cells toment of cancer. Of this known drug for cancer therapy was first in silico developed by New Indications Platform Compugen, to predict to find new therapeutic uses for existing drugs. Patents have been filed by the company both CGEN – 25 008 and the use of CGEN-50001 in the treatment of cancer.. This press release may contain forward looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.Marla E. Eisenberg, Medical School, and colleagues used Project data EAT, an ongoing study a varied selection a diverse range of 1,311 sexually active young adults. From 2003-2004 five hundred seventy-four men and 737 female at respondents surveyed, with mean age of 20.5 on sexual behavior and emotional well-being.

Department of Health and Human Services.. Reported casual sex By U Of M StudyUniversity of Minnesota the project Eat sub Teens researchers have found out that young adult do not appear to intervention to casual sexual encounters are at increased risk for harmful psychological results against sexually active young adults in of dedicated relationship. While this study focusing for the psychological effects, the scientists warn that the physical risks of casual sex should not be overlooked.

Though it it has been speculated in public discourse that sexual encounters to the motivated romantic relationship emotionally emotionally of young people, this study found no differences in the psychological well-being of young adults a laid sexual partners was committed partners committed partner.