We can now look like the things that are the same and different between human and mouse cryptochromes and plant photolyase, says Hitomi. Our results provide a detailed, comparative framework for biological studies of these two proteins and their functions. .

He took the gene from the plant into E. Coli bacteria, a lot of the protein, which he then crystallized to produce the atomic structure X-ray diffraction X-ray diffraction. Researchers one variety of mutant proteins, the functional structure the functional structure of the enzymes.

All these proteins were probably originally responses to sunlight, Hitomi added. Sunlight causes DNA damage, so plants need this damage, this damage, and they have to respond to sunlight and seasons for growth and flowering. Human clock by solar radiation, but also because when we sleep, eat and exercise. .They think their findings Furthermore how this cells clog ships has wide applications for a variety of blood clot based terms, including increased clots a risk that follows surgery. ‘Really, what we learn is the basic understanding of the early formation of blood clots, ‘Head said.

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