The New Jersey Senate on Monday voted 49-27 and 23-16 each the provide a measure that would establish needle – exchange programs approved in six cities and provide $ 10 million to drug treatment programs in the State Newark Star-Ledger reports . Officials in Paterson also have an interest in the program expressed by Roseanne Scotti, director of the Drug Policy Alliance of New Jersey , with which pharmacies to sell up to 10 syringes at a time with an adult over 18 years, would without a prescription. The Senate has not yet considered the bill (AP / Cherry Hill Courier-Post.

Similar editorialsNew York Times: The data from this country and abroad show that needle exchange actually slows the spread of HIV no increase drugs, says an editorial in the Times. A Voice for the needle-access program is a vote for the salvation of men, women and unborn children. A vote against the program is a vote for more infections, higher medical costs and more unnecessary deaths .The the Census Bureau is Tuesday at two reports drawn from which address the number of uninsured probable probably is release plans are traction the race in the presidential, where health care is a big issue, which Journal reported. – According to the Journal, the publication of Report which will is most show safely, increase the estimation of the number of uninsured of inhabitants, giving both candidates a steppingstone to reflect their highly disparate health plans tout and seem transmitter. Sen. Obama was available, but benefit (Dougherty, Wall Street Journal.

Following the Times Magazine, Obama has a the market friendly to his business proposals, like his health would not require would not require get all the residents to health insurance. like other Democrats, he has been for a great state Programme with what he was, urge as market failure in health and to reduce the price of insurance bypass, but according to the Programme was available, but he trusted has a market individual persons to make their own decisions, once a the government had subsidized health insurance he thought the vast majority of to the assured ,, to Times Magazine trusted (Leonhardt, adds that – A number of newspapers have Free Newsletter seen at the presidential candidates locations at health and economic problems of, and like playing new figures on that number of uninsured American in the campaign.