During the operation, the surgical team was thrilled to diagnose the double tubular colon as the reason for the pathological mass. The mass with duplicated colon and appendix was removed uneventfully. The postsurgical course of the patient had not been significant and he recovered more than the following yr. In order to make a correct diagnosis in the individual, Dr. Kabay and Dr. Yaylak were pressured to carry out an excellent pre-operative diagnostic workup. Nevertheless, only when a surgical procedure room became available were they in a position to make the final diagnosis of a rare congenital anomaly of the gastrointestinal system.. A rare analysis in the operation area: Kidney atrophy due to duplicated colon in an adult Gastrointestinal congenital anomalies are rare entities within an adult individual.Yoga delivers better results when it is designed to accommodate every beginner’s strength and weaknesses, depending on his / her age, stature, medical history and therefore on. And that’s where a good yoga exercises guru comes into picture. They might probably have an improved understanding of the body and its own limitations. A personalized strategy in teaching yoga, with minor adaptations and modifications goes quite a distance in motivating beginners who are practising yoga. Check out a few of the restorative beginner yoga videos that help alleviate a number of health issues.