‘Now they have to have an enemy for months, President Obama and his administration led the fight for a health overhaul, ‘the Washington Post reports. ‘without a clear opponent, even courting the leaders and stakeholders to kill the reform efforts helped 15 years ago. ‘the ‘poor truce ‘has become an ‘all-out fight ‘with harsh allegations of White House spokesman and the insurer lobby has launched a campaign warning that seniors lose benefits under the legislation could move started causes of ed . A pollster said the insurer opposition could increase public anxiety, but that ‘the insurance industry is at the lower end of the range of the people’s trust ‘(Connolly Call the insurance industry opposition, ‘a departure from the policy of d├ętente has held,’the Wall Street Journal writes: ‘AHIP and its 1,300 members have argued that on on such policies as denying coverage to the sick, when the young and healthy insurance forced to buy insurance say by dilution of the penalties, the insurers, they are not as many new customers as expected – the exchange for the admission of all applicants, regardless of their health not all ‘(Johnso.,

The insurance industry study on the effects of health reform has outraged Democrats as reformers assembly point inspired inspired a wave of zippy one-liners in the news. If the health insurance industry shot itself in the foot? asks the Christian Science Monitor. On Sunday, America’s Health Insurance Plans , the insurer trade group, released a study warning that the Senate Finance Committee would the health law lead to substantial hikes in insurance premiums. Timing of publication seemed to Tuesday influence scheduled vote on. Al by the full Finance panel But the study’s methodology has as as flawed by external experts and the Salve seems something did not President Obama would be able to achieve. Fractious fractious Democrats in support of the legislation .

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