By obtaining flu shots, health care workers decrease the risk they pose to these vulnerable patients. ‘Employees of healthcare institutions have got an ethical and professional obligation to act in the best curiosity of their patients’ wellness,’ Bernstein said. ‘For the prevention and control of influenza, we must continue steadily to put the ongoing health and safety of the patient first.’ In the 2013-14 flu season, 75 % of U.S. Health care workers received flu vaccinations, well below the Healthy People 2020 target of 90 %. Voluntary programs are less effective than mandatory programs, which can achieve health care worker vaccination rates higher than 94 %, according to the AAP, which repeated its call for mandatory vaccination for health workers nationwide.Operative and Postoperative Procedures During the arthroscopic partial meniscectomy, the broken and loose elements of the meniscus had been removed by using arthroscopic instruments until solid meniscal tissue was reached. The meniscus was after that probed to ensure that all loose and fragile fragments and unstable meniscus had been effectively resected, with preservation of as much of the meniscus as possible. No other surgical procedure was performed.