In addition to the work described in the paper include Makova team a number of additional discoveries. ‘Microsatellite instability in cancer and numerous neurological diseases is involved,’said Makova. ‘Our results will be useful for researchers who diseases and diseases and forensic experts to conservation geneticists , and other specialists who use microsatellites. ‘.

Depending on the number of repeats varies mutability of microsatellites with the same repeat length of greater than 100 – fold! .. Once the scientists identified the microsatellites the had high rate of mutation, they sought to determine responsible for the responsible for the mutations. In addition to finding that microsatellite length, repeat number, and repeat length were important, they also found three other factors that influence mutability: repeat composition, location on sex chromosomes compared to chromosomes not involved in sex determination , and location in the interior to external mobile DNA sequences .If coloscopy Find all sorts cancers? Which findings of this study showed that CT colonography recognize 90 % large polyp , a rate of on a par with traditional colonoscopy. However, colonoscopy was is less sensitive for small polyps , with a recognition rates as low as 65 per cent . Those little polyps were not removed. Is not clear that leaving small polyps is safe, there are no long-term, well-controlled studies on this topic. Define the define the natural history and biological importance of small polyp is to of central importance to refined colorectal cancer, regardless of Meal Plan.

For this reason, a target of the American Gastroenterological Association institutions, order to increase colorectal cancer screening and to improve public health.. The AGA Institut holding colonoscopy final tests to colorectal cancer screening and preventive. Colonoscopy is the only test can detect both in the early at an early curable stage and pre-cancerous polyps pre-cancerous polyps. The data presented in of the 18th September 2008 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine proposed that is computed tomography colonography be a different acceptable technological on colorectal cancer early.