Thorp, M.D., Susan M. Ramin, M.D., and Brian M. Mercer, M.D.1,2 Thus, prelabor elective delivery is proscribed before 39 weeks unless fetal lung maturity has been demonstrated.3,4 In comparison with infants born vaginally, those born by cesarean section are in increased risk for adverse respiratory outcomes, when delivery occurs prior to the onset of labor especially.1,2,5-11 This increased risk persists even in infants who are delivered by cesarean section in full term .Prior encounter with checkpoint-blockade monotherapy supports the observation that some individuals may have steady disease for an extended period as the very best objective response, lending credence to the hypothesis that reestablishment of the equilibrium stage of immune surveillance is definitely an appealing outcome.1 The observation that patients can have objective responses when treated with nivolumab after previous treatment with ipilimumab indicates a insufficient response to CTLA-4 blockade does not preclude a clinical advantage of PD-1 blockade and further supports the nonredundant nature of these coinhibitory pathways.