The conference was later to three themes that are reflected in a full national consultation organized this year: – are we a national exam for medical students, medical schools, rather than continue to design their own evaluation schemes subject to the restrictions imposed by the GMC Education Committee have been set?

– 1 Notes to editors The 15 new hospital developments are: – Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire – A major acute service reconfiguration in the Hertfordshire area, including plans for the renovation and expansion in Watford and a new hospital in Hatfield, the for Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire. : Media contact 01929.

1 For more information about the conference is available on the GMC website2 The role of the GMC Education Committee is set by the Medical Act 1983 , as amended. ‘The Education Committee has. General function of promoting high standards of medical training and coordination of all levels of medical education ‘..UCB today announced that the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use European Medicines Agency was exhibited favorable opinion on the authorization Keppra concentrate of was authorized by intravenous administration and to be used as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of partial seizures by and without secondary generalization for adults and children of four years and above having epilepsie.

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