Results from the controlled phase of both studies are presented here. Methods Study Design The For Angioedema Subcutaneous Treatment -1 and FAST-2 trials were double-blind, randomized, prospective studies. FAST-1 was placebo-managed. In FAST-2, icatibant was weighed against tranexamic acid. Both were multicenter trials . Each research was approved by the independent ethics committee at each center and was conducted relative to the Declaration of Helsinki, the International Conference on Harmonisation Good Clinical Practice suggestions, and current regulatory requirements. The entire study statistical-analysis and protocols plans can be found at Bureau, with the rates expressed as hospitalizations per 100,000 persons. We treated the three years preceding the introduction of PCV7 simply because baseline years, since no declines in pneumonia had been observed during these full years. In February 2000 9 PCV7 was certified in the usa, rapidly after June 2000 and vaccine uptake increased, when the government purchased PCV7 for the Vaccines for Children System.9 Thus, 2000 was regarded a transition year and not included in analyses grouped by year. We estimated the common annual rates of pneumonia for three prespecified periods: 1997 through 1999 , 2001 through 2006 , and 2007 through 2009 .