Such as: ‘thank you for the give of the chocolate muffin, no thank you.’ ‘I appreciate your kindness and generosity, and I choose never to eat twenty more processed, sugar-ridden cookies and cake.’ ‘Thank you for the invitation to stay longer past 5:30pm, and I’m going home right now.’ The point is, though, that we will keep true to our values while still expressing appreciation. For most of us, the spirit of togetherness has more to do with getting with the people we value than what we give/receive or what we eat.Dr. Riedel’s review was spurred partly by the continuing risk of global terrorism and, in a few current conflicts, the use of weapons of mass destruction against civilian populations. But in addition to the standard threats – – chemical and standard weapons – there should be additional worries about nontraditional, biological threats, and the current deadly Ebola virus outbreak acts as a reminder that pandemics may also be unleashed on populations as a way of decimating them.