We excluded subjects who had inadequate bowel preparation for two reasons. First, bowel preparation cannot be controlled by endoscopists, but inadequate preparation impairs recognition of both little and large adenomas.20,30 Second, subjects with inadequate preparation might have undergone an additional examination by another endoscopist before long-term surveillance. We also excluded endoscopists who had contributed a very low number of colonoscopy results to the screening program to be able to eliminate any bias that may have already been introduced by including their individual quality indicators.Dr. Regular objective monitoring of inflammation allows for fine-tuning of the treating RA, leading to previously remission, fewer inflammatory episodes and much less pain for individuals, in the long run reducing functional reduction and lowering healthcare costs and economic losses. We are very pleased that we succeeded in accomplishing this financing circular and we are assured that Akeso will achieve success in getting its technology to market. We anticipate collaborating with the Akeso team to help expand advance it to clinical use. We are worked up about expanding our portfolio with this promising medical technology business. This financing round enables the team to build up the proposition towards the market also to clinical applications further, improving standard of living of RA patients..