A 65-year-old man with increasing difficulty walking A retired guy presents with features of spinal-cord dysfunction, including a disturbed gait. What diagnoses is highly recommended and how should he become treated? Case presentation History and examination A retired 65-year-old man presented to his doctor describing difficulty in going for walks Read more about this drug . The problem have been increasing slowly, such that he right now needed a walking frame and had not been confident to set off. In latest weeks he had noticed clumsiness when performing up the control keys on his shirt and difficulty in keeping a knife and fork. He defined more neck stiffness than pain. On questioning, he admitted to urinary urgency during the last few months..

She regularly uses different lipbalms containing sunscreens and miracles if these are exacerbating the problem, although she has used these for several years. She has worn lipstick because the problem began rarely. On evaluation, the lips are erythematous and swollen, which lengthen beyond the outer margin . Marked improvement occurs with use of an antibiotic and corticosteroid ointment, however the problem returns within days of ceasing treatment. Is definitely allergy to a lipbalm component likely? How must i proceed?.