From online info available, gender is well known for 4 sufferers , the mean amount of SSRI treatment was 5.13 years, range 0.25-15 years, median 4.5, and the mean duration of withdrawal symptoms was 2.5 years, range 0.125-6 years, median 2.1 years. 58 percent of patients reported persistent postwithdrawal symptoms: 3 of 3 paroxetine patients, 2 of 2 citalopram, 1 of just one 1 fluvoxamine, 1 of 3 escitalopram and none of both sertraline and fluoxetine patients. Persistent postwithdrawal disorders, which occur after 6 weeks of drug withdrawal, disappear spontaneously rarely, and are sufficiently severe and disabling to have patients returned to previous medications.So when those pills cause twenty different harmful side effects, they’re ready for twenty even more prescriptions so that you can dutifully swallow. This basic proven fact that health is attained by taking prescription chemicals is ludicrous right away. And yet it’s the foundation of the pharmaceutical sector. Take as much pills as you ‘want’, they insist. Don’t be concerned: They’re all FDA accepted! This is akin to believing that if it’s safe to drive 65mph in your truck, and it’s also safe to drive 65mph on your motorcycle, then if you load your motorcycle onto your truck, it’s now safe to drive 130mph.