In their paper, the researchers wrote, that medications used to treat erectile dysfunction interfere with the functioning of PDE11A . That that PDE11A is partially inhibited by the drug tadalafil and weakly inhibited by sildenafil. They added that there. No reports in the medical literature malfunctioning adrenal glands or increased adrenal cell growth in users of these drugs – However, detailed clinical studies in which this potential complication are currently lacking, they wrote. Stratakis and his colleagues are now planning studies to determine whether differences in the gene for PDE11A might influence an individual cancer risk.

Lack Of Key Enzyme in the development of tumor-associated Rarea researcher at the National Institutes of Health have discovered that a rare tumor of of the adrenal gland appears to result from a genetic deficiency of an important enzyme. The enzyme is involved in one of a class of enzymes in stopping a cell in response to hormones and appears to stop by dividing cells.

Two recent Mayo Clinic studies have found to magnetic resonance elastography , a new imaging method at Mayo Clinic invented a precision tool for non-invasive diagnosis of liver diseases is. The findings were this week to the International Association of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Annual Meeting of in Berlin, Germany and of the Digestive Disease Week 2007 in Washington, DC.

##This research was funded by the National Institute of Health. Dr authors point are Meng Yin, Roger wrath, Phillip Rossman, Armando Manduca; Patrick Kamath, MD and Dr. Ehman, everyone of the Mayo Clinic campuses in Rochester, and Anthony Romano, of the Naval Research Laboratory Washington.