In laboratory mice, they were able to neutralize ROS and RNS and rescue axons that had already begun to degenerate. And participated in a final and equally exciting phase of their study, the co-authors at the University of G ttingen and Geneva, they found distinctive features in line with FAD in human brain tissue from patients with MS, suggesting that the same treatment principles that they might establish in mice and humans work. – ‘In summary, our data indicate that inflammatory axon damage could spontaneously reversible and thus a potential target for therapy,’they wrote.

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In the paper, authors describe senior Professor Martin Kerschensteiner of the Ludwig-Maximilians – Universit t in Munich, Germany, and Professor Thomas Misgeld from the Technical University Munich and colleagues found a found a previously unknown type of axon or? Degeneration of nerve cells, which they call ‘focal axonal degeneration ‘as . While the discovery opens the door to new targets, the researchers warn there is still work work before effective treatments are available, as Kerschensteiner told the press:.

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